I've just finished my evil playthrough of TOB. Very fun, as always. But Hexxat? What the hell? Where to begin?Hexxat in ToB - During her quest, losing all equipment. Hexxat is a neutral evil vampire thief and a potential companion. You must recruit Hexxat before ‎Hexxat's request Baldur's Gate · ‎Hexxat's Amulet | Baldur's · ‎Dragomir's Respite. Sure she's a vampire but what does she have to offer that a non-vampire character has to offer? She has to wear that painfully ability score  Hexxat and the tomb of Dragomir.

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If you have the baby statue with you it will suddenly be replaced by another that looks identical but now weighs over lbs, meaning that poor character will be trapped on the nails unless he has giantlike strength. No, Hexxat, you are not the star, no matter how much the devs wanted you to be. Discretion is a requirement of Hexxat's profession, and she prides herself on being a consummate professional. The only one who comes close is Anomen. Eventually Dorn shows himself to assassinate the camp's leader. That said, there are still many reasons to bring Hexxat: Ad blocker interference detected!

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Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition [Part 149] - Hexxat's Decision hexxat

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